Monday, 23 October 2017

School Teacher Rapes 2-years-old pupil.

School Teacher Rapes 2-years-old pupil.
A two-year-old girl was allegedly raped by her class teacher at a school in Orlu area of Imo state. According to reports, after the matter went viral the alleged rapist is now being labelled as a mad man, and after he was arrested, the police are saying he should be forgic=ven because of his mental instability, "Mental Case"

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Please please please Before we take down this post .I want justice for this young 2 years old girl who was raped by her class teacher and now the teachers people are claiming that he is in sane .Pls tag anyone who can assist us . IMO state .I want us to work on shutting down the school and bringing the man to book .If there is anyway you want to assist us , please send a dm .

This happened in Imo state From orlu precisely, please who can join hands to help us bring this man to book.

Part 2 This morning,they called me at the station and they were saying the guy is mentally deranged ..that I should pardon him and I was asking the school authorities how a mentally deranged man could be employed as a teacher in a school..what a shame!! and the baby’s test results just came out and she’s safe but the hospital said we should wait for a month before we come for HIV test cos the disease doesn’t manifest immediately..

But am still sticking to leaving the idiot there at least until his bail

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