Update On Chief Innocent Ifeanyi Ofojee (Pierre Cardin) Case + A Photo Of Chief Adada.

Firstly I want to apologize for not posting anything yesterday, was out of town. And I have lots of juicy news for you guys today.

According to both researches and news am getting from a very reliable source, am sure you all read my article on Chief Innocent Ofojee who was killed by his wife (Oge) and her lover, Tony who goes by so many street names like Ugo, Chief Adada and so many other names. (Am sure you all would be wondering how Chief Adada looks like, well I got my hands on some of his pics continue to see the photo).

From a very reliable and comfirmable source, Tony and his Mother are partners in the fraud business, when Chief Adada brings home a woman his Mother will immediately accept and follow in the bain washing of that particular woman as a prospective daughter inlaw who will take care of her in her old age thereby assuring the woman that her son's promise of marriage is real, infact he invloves his whole family when he get a victim.

Tony (a.k.a Chief Adada)
Due to the fact that Tony goes for only wealthy women, be it married or single, him and his mother will start deploying many ways of extracting money from his lovers.  I couldn't get a photo of him with out shades because he is always wearing shades.

That's how it started between him and Chief Ofojee's wife Oge but later escalated to both of them planning and carrying out the grevious act of murdering Chief Ofojee, Oge's husband in his own house.

Both of them are now throwing blames at each other as they are accusing each other of who killed Chief Ofojee.

Oge said that she was inside her room when Chief Adada came in and told her that the operation has been carried out, while Chief Adada accused Oge of giving him the said poison that he injected into Chief Ofojee's body. All this are story for the Gods, they have killed a man! They should face the consequences of what they have done.

The case has been transferred to Abuja and the police investigation is still on. We await the outcome of the final investigation and arraignment in court of all persons involved in the gruesome murder of this handsome young man, Chief Innocent Ifeanyichukwu Ofojee (Chairman C.E.O Pierre Cardin West Africa).

May God save us from evil ones.

Update On Chief Innocent Ifeanyi Ofojee (Pierre Cardin) Case + A Photo Of Chief Adada. Update On Chief Innocent Ifeanyi Ofojee (Pierre Cardin) Case + A Photo Of Chief Adada. Reviewed by Edozie Richard on Saturday, March 18, 2017 Rating: 5

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