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Hey Guys!! Merry Christmas and a Happy new year in arrears. Am so thankful, great-full to God and happy that everyone reading this post made it to this year 2019, our year of higher glory and financial breakthrough, without hesitation, I want to give God all the glory because only him deserves it. Why I Stopped Blogging For A Some While

I know most of you who are frequent users of my blog will be like ‘he is back again to tell us another story’ well my people am so sorry that I have come with yet another story, just bear with me biko (lol…wink*)

The basic thing you guys know about me is that am a full-time student, in the process of getting his B.sc certificate in Engineering and as if all the madness with the school wasn’t enough for me, I decided to start blogging. To be honest with all of you reading this post, it hasn’t been easy for me. I have never been so open on my blog the way I want to be in this post, but I just had to let you guys know about my struggles.

The main issue with this blog is consistency, am sure you all know that, well let me tell you something. It’s not as if I have a brain “fag” that makes me update my blog and then not blog for some period of time. No! If I had my way, I would blog all day but sadly I can’t because of some circumstances, my biggest challenges are two things, Money and Time.

I said money because I need to buy data. On a serious level, sometimes instead of me to eat with my last penny, I would use it to buy a data plan and we all know that is expensive for a full-time undergraduate student in Nigeria with no source of income because clearly am not earning from my Adsense at all! Time is also a major factor because am always in between classes and when school is in session which takes like 18hrs out of 24hrs from my day, going to class and going to lab, I can only blog for 2hrs meaning I won’t get to read that day then have 4hrs of sleep, but when it’s exam period everything is out of control, I don’t even have time to sleep for 2hrs straight talkless of blogging, to be sincere am always frustrated and sad when I come online and see all the things I have missed out on, and it’s so painful when a really good news that would have probably gone viral if I had been available on the right time to post it become an old news before I get to post it, I seriously on most days would just shut-down my laptop, not having the moral to blog for that day.

Edozie Richard

I have to say this, the blogging aspect of the internet is already saturated, so if you want to make it under this kind of present climate you have to be online 24/7 and sadly for me that is not possible in my world now because of school. I really don’t want to let anyone down that’s why sometimes I just tend not to blog when school is in session. I can say that when I first started blogging I was so into it that I performed poorly in my first year of school which was really bad at that time. Like I would go to school and not attend a single class. I would just look for a spot to charge my laptop, once I had somewhere to sit down and blog my whole day is set! I would just sit and blog my head away till 6pm before going back to my hostel and I will still continue blogging, and it was like that 1st semester and 2nd semester of my 100level then I looked at my result at the end of the session and was shocked at what my academic life had become. One thing about me is that I want to do everything right, my mom taught me that anything worth doing is worth doing well, so in my second year I decided to turn a new leaf in so I shared my time this made me had enough time for face my studies, it was important that I did it so as to avoid my mom from disowning me (lol).

So that’s when my blogging level reduced from blogging for like 12-16hrs a day to 4-6hrs a day, it was still okay blogging for at least 4hrs was cool, I had time to read go to class and that gave me time to open my eyes to some aspect in the academic life I never knew existed, everything worked out like magic! 1st semester of my 200level was great if I must say ‘fabulous’, did the same thing 2nd semester and was even happier with the result that 2nd semester, my blog was doing very fine, was finally finding my own little space online but as life would have it, 300level came and I thought I could do the same thing but all was in my dreams, the workload of school became more, assignments, going to the laboratory for practical and other school stuff where just driving me crazy! Before I knew it I wasn’t blogging like I used to before, from 4hrs to like 2hrs then to 0hrs.

Edozie Richard

While I was going through the heartbreak of me not blogging and school work eating me being and soul, so many thoughts kept crossing my mind; ‘should I just stop blogging till am done with school?’, ‘should I only blog during the holidays?’, ‘should I hire a professional content writer to help maintain the blog till am done with school (but with which money I asked myself)’ and a lot more that I can’t put down. And by the time I was preparing for my exams before ASUU came and threw all my plans under the bus, I was already not blogging, came home and still didn’t have the moral to update my blog, plus the fact that I didn’t have sufficient funds to do my data plan was also a hindrance so I kept procrastinating and that is how my blog was not updated since late October 2018 till this day, 2019.

One of the things that inspired me to write this post is the video I came across of Daddy Freeze and Linda Ikeji on Youtube, he apparently went to Linda’s house to say hello to baby J and test drive the new Bentley she bought in celebration of having Jayce and Daddy Freeze did a vlog on his visit (Linda congrats on the birth of your prince, you are such a big inspiration to me and I love you the most.

Edozie Richard

In the video Linda talked about her early days of blogging and said she didn’t make money for 4years but she kept on blogging that she was even throwing up from being tired, and hearing all this, I was like ‘I have never blogged till I had to vomit, that means I haven’t even reached my limit’, if Linda can do it, then I must give it a shot of being successful at what I love doing, the vlog was really good it made me see Linda from another aspect. She is such a big inspiration to me, she’s bold, unapologetic and real like she is too damm real!! And I love her for that. Am not even trying to sweet talk my name into Linda’s atmosphere of her noticing me, but that is just the amount of respect I have for her and have always looked up to her since my secondary school days. Daddy Freeze said during her early days of blogging she blogged as if her life depended on it

Video below...

And before I forget, I am really thankful that I have some amazing readers who sent an email to check up on me, I want to use this opportunity to thank you, and I love you. And guys, please I really need your advice on what to do, should I stop blogging till am done with school or what? You can send me an email or comment below. Love you the most!

Edozie Richard

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