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Hey guys!! Happy Sunday to Y'all

Am super excited about this announcement and it is something I have been trying to do for a very long time and I am happy that I am finally being able to do (drum rolls)... Music will now be uploaded on the site for downloads guys!!! Yayyyyyyyyy

I just feel it's a really big step forward and the fact that I don't want this blog to be all about news or gossips. I want to be very versatile, if possible I will have a section for e-commerce where you can buy and also sell goods, but that is for future references, hope we get there very soon.

The music section will be located at the TOP part of the blog where you can see the option of NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT, HEALTH and the rest. So once you click on that section you will be able to find all the music tracks, albums and if possible music video uploaded on the blog and will be available for download across all devices (okurrrrrrrrrrr), well except for iPhones.

For MUSIC ALBUMS, they will be in a zip file so after download you will have to unzip the file to have access to it, then single tracks will just be normal, no need of unzipping the file to play the music.

The download can be pretty confusing for Amateur users of the internet, but try to keep up and just follow the instructions.

Thanks, guys for all the support... Love you all the most *muahhh* Have a blessed week ahead.

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